The Orlando Magic are 25 years old. Nobody in college or high school remembers a world without the Orlando Magic.

Let that marinate for a minute.

Pepsi has released a commemorative can, ostensibly to celebrate the Magic’s 25th anniversary but mostly to just make everyone feel old. To a lot of fans, the Magic still seem like one of those Disney-related corporate experiments, like the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, which seemed super cool at the time but were sure not to survive once the novelty wore off.

Yet 25 years later, here the Magic still stand (the Mighty Ducks are sadly deceased, having dropped the “Mighty” in 2006). Although the Magic are no longer the new, hip franchise on the block, partnering with Pepsi at least means they can be the team for a new generation.

Orlando Magic Pepsi can

Photo via @darrenrovell