Matt Flynn was demoted down the depth chart in both Seattle and Oakland over the last two years. On Monday, he got demoted all the way down to free agency. So it’s no surprise that when someone joked Flynn had been downgraded from first to third class on his flight home, American Airlines took it seriously.

After Flynn was released, one Raiders blogger decided to make a wise crack on Twitter about the former Packers and Seahawks backup’s string of misfortune. The alert American Airlines Twitter account quickly responded back to the complaint, clearly missing the joke and telling the blogger to have Flynn get in touch.

Flynn, who was demoted down the depth chart in

The blogger decided to have a little fun with AA following the mix up, explaining that the airline might not be best suited to help Flynn with these types of mechanical problems.

At least the American Airlines representative had a sense of humor about it all, though.

With so much mediocre quarterback play around the league this season, Flynn shouldn’t be out of work for too long. Although, it’s unlikely American will provide the complimentary flight to get him there.