On a day of celebration, the Dropkicks were — almost — a stick in the mud.

Before the duck boats set out from Fenway Park for the Red Sox’ championship parade Saturday, the team held a short ceremony at the stadium to thank fans for their support throughout the year. The Dropkick Murphys played their staples “Shipping Up to Boston” and “Tessie” before roping Jonny Gomes in for vocals on “The Boys are Back.”

Unfortunately for the Dropkicks, they may have loaded their truck up with too many people. When the parade started rolling out of Fenway, the flatbed truck holding the band and all their instruments couldn’t move — it’d become stuck in the dirt around the edge of the field.

Not to worry, though, as one of the duck boats holding players and staff was used to tow the flatbed truck to safety. Boston’s famed flotilla of duck boats is actually well suited to tasks like towing — duck boats, or the “DUKW,” were originally developed for military use.

Pulling one truck full of Irish rockers out of the Fenway mud is a piece of cake for a duck boat that’s seen military action and three World Series championships.

Check out the photo of the Dropkicks being towed to safety at the Red Sox’ parade.

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