Kevin Love, Zaza Pachulia, Two Others Receive Flop Warning from NBA

by abournenesn

Nov 4, 2013

Oklahoma City Thunder v Minnesota TimberwolvesThe NBA is making a real effort to eliminate flopping from the game with warnings and fines given to players who embarrass the sport with these kinds of actions.

On Monday, the league handed out warnings to four players for flopping in games played from Friday through Sunday. They were Minnesota’s Kevin Love and Corey Brewer, Milwaukee’s Zaza Pachulia and San Antonio’s Patty Mills. Washington’s John Wall received the same warning on Friday.

Luckily for these players, the first offense is just a warning, but another flop will make their wallets $5,000 lighter. After that, the cost of the fine increases in $5,000 increments for each successive flop. It will be interesting to see if these fines, which are small when you consider how much money these players make, are actually effective in decreasing the amount of flops that happen in games.

While one flop warning should not result in a particular player earning a “flopper” label, having the league watching, warning and fining players for this sort of behavior should make referees more aware of which players are more likely to flop so they can make the correct foul call when it happens.

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