Now we know what LeBron James and Mark Cuban listen to before games.

The American Music Awards were held on Sunday night, and while most of the nation watched Tom Brady and the Patriots pull off an historic comeback over Peyton Manning‘s Denver Broncos, apparently the Miami Heat superstar was at the very least channel surfing. James tweeted Sunday night that controversial pop star Miley Cyrus was more than just her over-sexualized image.

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See, Miley, talent recognizes talent, though LeBron probably has better odds of twerking up on Erik Spoelstra than Miley does scoring 70 in a game.

The AMAs attracted a whole host of personalities, though, which means there were ample opportunities to catch on video the awkward body convulsions often seen at awards shows that some medical professionals diagnose as “dancing.”

That would be Mavs owner Mark Cuban instagramming himself at the AMAs with some top-notch work on the focus slider.

Photo of the Night

It’s not even Throwback Thursday, though.

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Tweet of the Night

I’m convinced this is why the Dramatic Gopher exists in the first place.

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GIF of the Night

Yes, that’s a turkey leg, and yes, that’s a legendary power move by this Oklahoma State fan.


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