Richard DonahueTwitter has become the place to go for sports news, and 2013’s events made for one of the best years for fans’ favored social media outlet.

The year’s tense NBA Finals, exciting World Series and power outage-ravaged Super Bowl all produced millions of tweets, but the sporting event that drew the most people to Twitter was the Boston Marathon and the sad events surrounding it.

From the afternoon the Marathon was marred by the bombing at the finish line to five days later, when police chased two suspects through the Boston area, 27.8 million tweets related to the event were posted, according to data from Twitter, as reported by ESPN. Within 24 minutes of the explosions, people were tweeting 44,000 times a minute.

The NBA Finals between the Heat and Spurs produced 26.7 million tweets, 7.4 million of them during Game 7, including 150,000 tweets a minute when the clock expired.

The Super Bowl drew 24.1 million tweets, many of them from Beyonce’s halftime show and during the power outage. The Red Sox’ World Series victory spurred 6.5 million tweets.