City’s Healing Efforts, Unforgettable Comebacks Among Top Boston Sports Moments of 2013 (Gallery)


December 25, 2013

Bruins Top 10The darkest, most unpromising moments can sometimes bring out the best in people. If you paid attention to what happened in Boston in 2013, you’d know that as well as anyone else.

The city and the region was rocked to its core in 2013, as one fateful week in April will never, ever be forgotten by anyone affected by the Boston Marathon tragedies or even by anyone living in the area. It was a heartbreaking and terrifying week, but what came out of it deserves special recognition. The city and all of New England rallied together, and a big part of that was sports.

As is usually the case, New Englanders turned to sports in an attempt to try to just forget about the unspeakable horrors that came on the afternoon of April 15 and the terrifying uncertainty that gripped the city a few days later. As is usually the case, the world of sports offered a release for a grieving group.

Slowly but surely, sports returned to its place at the forefront of the minds of many. As is almost always the case every year, Boston sports fans had plenty to keep an eye on this year. There were some incredible moments, and it’s nearly impossible to list them all. Either way, 2013 perhaps more than any other year, reminded us all why Boston is the best sports town in the world.

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