Evelyn Lozada Carl CrawfordCarl Crawford’s life has been … interesting … since he left the Red Sox.

The Dodgers outfielder, who is never slow to talk about how much he disliked his time in Boston, is living it up in Los Angeles, but another New England connection has followed him to the West Coast.

Crawford has reportedly been dating Evelyn Lozada, a TV personality who dated former Celtics player Antoine Walker for 10 years and married former Patriots wide receiver Chad Johnson before divorcing him after allegations that he head-butted her. (All of those athletes, ironically, have also played in Florida, forming a kind of Boston-Florida-Lozada trifecta to help Walker, Johnson and Crawford ease into their six degrees of separation.)

Lozada is now sharing the news that she is pregnant, and the father is none other than Crawford, according to OMG! Insider.

“Evelyn is extremely happy at this time and excited for new beginnings!” Lozada’s representative said last week, according to E! News.

Lozada told OMG! Insider that she’s not opposed to getting married again.

“I still believe in love,” she said. “… I feel like that’s going to come, just like with the baby, let it come. I’m not forcing anything, so if it happens, it happens.”

Crawford, meanwhile, has been the target of trade rumors. The Dodgers are heavy on outfielders, and the six homers and 15 stolen bases he produced last year, plus his .283/.329/.407 slash line, may make him and the rest of his seven-year, $142 million contract the odd man out.

Photo via Twitter/@YeezysNumba1Fan

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