Tom Brady Surprises Bridgewater Pee Wee Football Players Who Stood Up to Bullying With Special Message (Video)


Two great kids from Bridgewater, Mass., received the ultimate surprise for their actions.

The Bridgewater Badgers peewee football team gained national attention in November after the group of fifth-graders stood up for their volunteer “water coach,” 6-year-old Danny Keefe, who was being bullied at school.

Keefe suffered a brain hemorrhage shortly after birth, and as a result, has a speech impediment. He also wears a suit, tie and fedora to school every day, which led to the bullying he endured, but his teammates rallied around him once they learned what was happening, organizing a “Danny Appreciation Day” at school in which they all copied Keefe’s signature look.

The amazing show of support didn’t go unnoticed, either, as Keefe and 11-year-old Tommy Coney, the Badgers’ quarterback, were invited to appear on Friday’s episode of Ellen. The two, who certainly are role models in their own right, received a special message from someone whom they hold in high regard — New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Check out Brady’s message and the boys’ awesome reactions to seeing their favorite signal-caller in the video below.

“Hi Danny and Tommy. I hope you guys are having fun in L.A. with my friend Ellen,” Brady began his recorded message. “I heard about your story, and I can’t imagine how proud your parents must be. Danny, people still tease me about what I wear, but I never listen to them, so keep wearing what makes you feel best.

“And Tommy, I love your leadership and how you stood up for Danny,” Brady continued. “And I applaud the entire Bridgewater team for participating.

“And I hear you’re both big Patriots fans, so I’d love to give you tickets to our regular-season finale against Buffalo and give you some field passes, too. One more thing: Mr. Kraft, our owner, wanted me to give you tickets for your entire team to come to our Hall of Fame here at Patriot Place.”

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