Bill Belichick States Case For Longer NFL Extra-Point Attempts (Video)


Bill Belichick’s proposal to move extra-point attempts to the 25-yard line was not approved by NFL owners, but he made a strong case for the change.

NFL Network tweeted an exclusive video of the New England Patriots coach stating his case Tuesday at the NFL Annual Meeting in Orlando, Fla. Belichick called PATs a “non-competitive play” since they were converted on 99.6 percent of attempts in 2013.

Belichick said he wasn’t “married” to the idea of moving attempts from the 2-yard line to the 25. League owners tabled discussions to move PATs to the 20-yard line until May.

Belichick also throws in a shot to the league that it’s nearly impossible to block a field-goal or extra-point attempt while he stumps for a play that fans will enjoy more.

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