’s Free ‘Beat The Streak’ Contest Features $10K Payout

Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak might never be snapped, but baseball fans can score some serious dough by surpassing his legendary mark by making just a few lucky clicks each day. is hosting a free “Beat the Streak” contest, challenging fans to go on their own “hitting streak” by selecting one MLB player each day. If the selected player gets a hit, you earn a “hit” and continue on with the streak. If someone breaks the 56-game “hitting” streak, will pay them $10,000. Even if nobody breaks the streak, the website will award the person with the longest streak $500.

Check out the rules below.

How To Play

The object of the Beat The Hit Streak game is to develop a hit streak of your own, using real-time statistics from professional baseball players. Select one player each day from a list of active players and earn a “hit” if your selected player gets a hit in that day’s game. String together multiple days in which you earn a “hit” and win great prizes, if you have the longest hit streak at the end of baseball regular season.  Note that we only keep the longest hit streak of each member throughout the season; therefore, each member can only claim at most one prize at the end of the season.

Select a Player Each Day
Each day during the season, you can select one player from the list of that day’s active players. There is no limit on how many times you can select a player throughout the season – if you want to ride the hot streak of one player, or choose a new hitter each day, it is all up to you. 


For each daily player selection you make, you must select your player prior to the official start time of that players game. If you fail to select a player prior to the Player Selection Deadline (when no players are remaining on the choose hitters page), you will not earn a “hit” for that day and your current hit streak will be reset to zero.

Participants can join the Beat The Hit Streak Challenge game at any time during the regular season.

Game Scoring

  • You earn a “hit” for each day that your selected player for that day has a hit in his actual game. You cannot select a player who participates in a double-header.
  • Your hit streak increases each day as long as you correctly select a player who gets a hit.
  • If you select a player who does not get a hit on the designated day, your hit streak ends and you start over at zero.
  • If you select a player for a given day and that player does not play, does not record an official at-bat, then the player selection does not count towards your streak and your current streak remains intact.
  • Any player selection included in a game that is suspended will be considered a push and your streak will remain the same, in the same manner as if your player selection did not receive an official at bat.  The player selection will not be counted even if that player had a hit before the game was suspended.
  • For purposes of the Beat The Hit Streak game, the term “hit streak” or “hitting streak” shall mean a streak of consecutive days on which a participant correctly chooses a player to earn a hit on the selected day.
  • Only hits occurring during the current regular season shall be considered for purposes of determining Beat The Hit Streak scoring and prizes.  Streaks do not carry over from one year to the next.


Beat The Hit Streak runs from the opening pitch of the first regular season game from each season, to the end of the last regular season game of each season (playoff games are not included).

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