brewersFollowing their sweep of the Boston Red Sox last weekend, the Milwaukee Brewers spread their high spirits by picking up the tab for two Milwaukee firefighters’ steak dinners at a Boston restaurant.

Andrew Wilke and Ryan Venne, the Milwaukee firemen, had traveled to Boston for a mournful occasion; to attend the funerals of fallen firefighters Lt. Edward Walsh Jr. and Michael Kennedy.

“They were very gracious,” Wilke told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “They talked to us for about five or six minutes. Matt Garza asked us about why we were there, and we told him about the funerals… Sometime thereafter, the server informed us that a member of the Brewers had picked up our dinner tab that night. It kind of left me speechless.”

Brewers pitcher Kyle Lohse credited Garza with the idea of paying for the firefighters’ meals.

“They put their lives on the line for people,” Lohse said. “The least we could do was pick up their dinner.”

Photo via Twitter/@john_diedrich