Miami Marlins star Giancarlo Stanton might not have won the 2014 Major League Baseball Home Run Derby at Target Field on Monday, but he certainly won the highlight of the night — and Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen would wholeheartedly agree.

During the opening round, Stanton launched a home run so far that the ball actually almost left Target Field. The ball traveled an estimated 422 feet, but it’s projected distance was an astounding 510 feet.

The third-deck blast left everyone at home “oohing and ahhing” over the slugger’s ridiculous feat, but even those who are familiar with Stanton’s power were left speechless.

McCutchen understandably freaked out over Stanton’s moonshot, watching on in awe and disbelief with his eyes lighting up like a kid on Christmas morning, before he eventually had to cover his face with his hat.


GIF via @cjzero

When you can elicit that type of reaction from fellow All-Stars, it’s safe to say that you’re doing the Home Run Derby right.