Dodgers Marlins BaseballCarl Crawford made a decision in December 2010. That decision was to sign a contract that would give him $142 million over seven seasons to play for the Boston Red Sox.

Despite that being Crawford’s own decision, he now sounds like he was forced to do it.

Crawford hasn’t been shy when it comes to complaining about his time in Boston, and he was especially critical of his Red Sox tenure after a 2012 trade sent him to the Los Angeles Dodgers. He now has been the subject of trade rumors in Los Angeles, and he used those rumors to take another dig at his former team.

“The way the team is playing, I’d be surprised if something like that were to happen. But you never know,” Crawford told the Los Angeles Times.¬†“I thought I was stuck in Boston for seven years. I was out of there in a year and a half.”

This falls right in line with what Crawford has previously said about his time in Boston. Last April, Crawford was far more vocal.

“I don’t think I smiled in two years,” Crawford said last year. “I was just frowning. I started growing gray hairs on my face from the stress and everything for two years straight.

“I try not to even think about my days in Boston anymore. It’s still such a nightmare. Every time I think about it, I cringe.”

Of¬†course, Crawford made around $30 million to play in just 161 games for the Red Sox, hitting .260 with a .711 OPS and just 23 stolen bases. So, if that’s being “stuck,” more of us probably wish we could be “stuck” with such a situation.

(Hat tip to @PeteBlackburn for the find)