Mario Balotelli Inhales Helium, Sings Liverpool Song In Chipmunk Voice (Video)


Mario Balotelli is one of those athletes who will never cease to surprise us with his antics.

After recently posting photos of a wild haircut featuring the iconic Liverbird, Balotelli outdid himself by inhaling helium from a balloon in one of his luxury cars and singing parts of the Liverpool theme.

Balotelli shows his Liverpool pride in strange ways, but at least he seems like he’s happy on his new team.

Never change, Mario.

Video Of The Night

Meet Juan Uribe’s son. He busted a move after the Los Angeles Dodgers clinched the National League West title.

[youtube align=”center”]

That’ll make a dad proud.

Photo of the Night

Warren Sapp shows he’s up for whatever happens in this latest Bud Light commercial, dressing up as a pirate to help a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan redecorate his living room.

Warren Sapp pirate

Tweet of the Night

New York Yankees closer David Robertson wanted everyone to know that if he hadn’t allowed the Baltimore Orioles to even up the score in the top of the ninth inning Thursday, Derek Jeter’s dramatic walk-off hit never would have happened.

[tweet align=”center”]

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