NFL: Preseason-Philadelphia Eagles at New England PatriotsEven the best NFL players need a little motivation, and for Tom Brady, that involves some self-deprecation.

The New England Patriots quarterback told NFL Media’s Andrea Kremer how he uses self-talk to get himself ready for the season. Brady says things such as, “God Tom, you’re not very good,” and “You have to work harder at this; what are you doing, that was a bad play,” in order to push himself through every game.

“I think that’s a lot of motivation for me is to always feel like I have to prove it to myself first,” Brady told Kremer.

The star QB also mentioned that he’s always trying to get on the “right emotional level,” which is a hard thing to sustain for an entire season, regardless of how simple Brady makes it look.

Kremer’s full interview with Brady will air on NFL Network’s “NFL GameDay Morning,” which starts at 9 a.m. ET Sunday.

Photo via David Butler II/USA TODAY Sports Images