Tom Brady Will Let His Kids Play Football Despite Injury Concerns (Video)


Tom Brady familyTom Brady knows the dangers of playing football, but he also knows the benefits of the sport.

The New England Patriots quarterback has been blessed to be able to play in the NFL for a long time at a high level. Aside from one season-ending knee injury, he’s largely been able to avoid serious injury.

But with all of that time in the league, Brady has also seen countless injuries around him, including serious head injuries. That risk of injuries like concussions won’t dissuade him from letting his children play the game he loves, though.

“It’s a contact sport. Things happen in the game that are out of your control. In any contact sport, there’s going to be head injuries,” Brady recently said on CNBC. “It’s one thing to get them, it’s another thing to know how to treat them.

“In football, the good outweighs the bad. There’s a lot of great lessons to be learned in football. My children, I want them to do whatever they want to do, but if they ever want to put a helmet on and play football, I’ll certainly encourage it.”

See more from Brady’s interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” in the videos below.

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