Twitter arguments are rarely civilized, but they also rarely involve public libraries.

The Kansas City and San Francisco public libraries squared off behind their computer monitors ahead of Game 1 of the Royals and Giants’ World Series matchup Tuesday, and you’ll never see a more polite argument. In fact, it started with them recommending some light reading to one another.

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Then, they actually both decline to argue with each other before going for their next “jabs.”

KC tweet 1

SF tweet 1

And to put the icing on the cake, the Kansas City Public Library notes how courteous San Francisco’s library is.

KC tweet 2

SF tweet 2

A library fight is just another reminder that anything can happen in the MLB postseason.

H/t to SB Nation

Photo of the Night

St. Louis Blues defenseman Alex Pietrangelo shaved his head to support his niece, who’s battling cancer.

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Tweet of the Night

Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz apparently wasn’t warned about proper news conference protocol.

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Video of the Night

After shooting some jumpers Monday, Indiana Pacers star Paul George took his rehab to another level Tuesday by playing some one-on-one with his dog.

A video posted by Paul George (@ygtrece) on

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@MeredithFrost