Arda Turan demonstrated a different way to protest a referee’s call or non-call.

Turan, 27, exploded in frustration in the second half of Atletico Madrid’s 3-2 loss against Barcelona in the Copa del Rey (Spanish Cup) on Wednesday. The Altetico Madrid playmaker threw his own soccer cleat at the referee’s assistant, who was standing on the sideline.

Turan’s bizarre outburst came in the 48th minute of the fiery game between rivals for Spanish soccer’s top prizes. The referee’s refusal to award Turan a free kick enraged the Turkish international, who picked his loose shoe off the turf and hurled it in the direction of a nearby official.

Some claim Turan intended to hit the referee’s assistant but missed badly. Others say Turan merely threw his shoe at no one in particular.

See for yourself.

The referee showed Turan a yellow card for his extraordinary show of dissent, but Spanish soccer officials are unlikely to punish him further, according to the BBC.

Perhaps Turan decided that if his shoe doesn’t fit, someone else should wear it. That’s no great crime.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@BBCSport