New York Mets fans just can’t catch a break.

Back in April, the Wall Street Journal enlisted the help of automated proofreading company Grammarly to find out Washington Redskins fans have the NFL’s worst spelling, grammar and punctuation by scanning the comments on the news section of each team’s website and calculating the mistakes per 100 words. But when they did the same “study” for MLB fans this month, it wasn’t Washington Nationals fans but rather their National League East rivals who might need to hit the grammar books.

New York Mets fans have MLB's worst grammar

Hey, at least Philadelphia Phillies fans were close behind, right Mets fans?

Boston Red Sox fans apparently are smarter than New England Patriots fans, as they sat in the middle of the pack at 11th, compared to Pats fans’ miserable fourth-place ranking. It also should make Red Sox fans smirk to see New York Yankees fans perched in the top five.

As for the fans with the best grammar, WSJ pointed out they might have benefited from not having late-night playoff baseball to watch over the years: The Cleveland Indians, San Diego Padres, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs and Seattle Mariners have four titles combined in the past 100 years.

Still, it’s important to note that while the experiment certainly is fun, it’s far from scientific. Grammarly used a sample of just 150 comments, which yielded an average of 10,592 words, to get its results. That, combined with the fact there’s no guarantee commenters on a team’s website are fans of that team, definitely affects the rankings.

Thumbnail photo via Noah K. Murray/USA TODAY Sports Images