Do you love baseball? Do you also love rap? If your answer is “yes” to both, allow us to show you the best thing ever.

“Straight Outta Cooperstown” is a terrific Tumblr with a simple formula: superimpose some of the best rappers of all time on the trading cards of National Baseball Hall of Famers.

The title is a perfect name that plays off N.W.A.’s iconic debut album, “Straight Outta Compton,” but the photos themselves are even better. What happens when you combine New York rap legend Notorious B.I.G. with former Yankees manager Joe Torre? Glad you asked.


Tupac and Lou Brock? You guessed it.


The full Tumblr is worth your time, as all of these are awesome. But here are a few more of our favorites (although we can’t endorse Nas rocking a Yankees hat on Carl Yastremski’s likeness).


Lil' Wayne


Andre 3000