There’s an important distinction to make when it comes to professional wrestling: It might be scripted, but it sure isn’t fake.

Anyone watching “Monday Night Raw” this week was reminded of that in the main event between John Cena and Seth Rollins. Considered two of the best in the business, Cena and Rollins turned in a good match that was complicated by the fact Cena suffered a gruesome broken nose midway through the match.

Rollins laid in a couple of (presumably worked) punches to Cena’s face as the two stood in the middle of the ring. The real damage, however, came when Rollins hit Cena with a knee to the face. At first glance, it looked like Cena really sold it well as he shouted in pain while falling to the mat. It quickly became evident he wasn’t just selling, though, as blood poured from his face.

Cena was visited once by the referee and twice by a ringside medical official as the match continued. Incredibly, Cena was able to finish — and win.

Afterward, the WWE confirmed the fairly obvious, announcing Cena suffered a broken nose. That was fairly evident given the fact his nose was crooked, but the confirmation was appreciated, we suppose. posted a few backstage photos of Cena, including this one, which isn’t for the faint of heart.