The U.S. dismantled Japan to win the Women’s World Cup 5-2 on Sunday, but now, Japan will get another chance in something else the two countries excel at: robotics.

American robotics company MegaBots, which actually got its start in Somerville, Mass., challenged Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industries to a giant robot battle earlier this week, and Suidobashi’s CEO and founder Kogoro Kurata happily obliged. In fact, Kurata upped the ante and asked MegaBots for a battle with real weapons, instead of the paintball guns the American company’s robot uses.

MegaBots co-founder Gui Cavalcanti accepted Kurata’s request in a statement to Quartz.

“The fight is on,” Cavalcanti said. “We have to work out the ground rules, and figure out how to not die, but the fight is on. We’ll be releasing more information soon as we work through some of the logistics.”

MegaBots mentioned in its challenge video that the fight would take place in about a year, but there’s no word on how one goes about organizing an international robot fight. Still, it helps MegaBots get one step closer to its ultimate goal of creating a giant robot fighting league, which definitely is something we can get behind.

Thumbnail photo via YouTube/MegaBots Inc