He’ll be back, and he might be bringing friends.

WWE fans already were excited when news broke that the Terminator — portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself — would be a playable character in the newest update in 2K Sports’ WWE franchise, WWE 2K16.

Now, there might be an actual super hero coming to the game.

After appearing on WWE’s “Monday Night RAW” this week in an epic — albeit rather one-sided — battle with Stardust, Stephen Amell could be the newest face outside the WWE universe to become a playable character in 2K16.

A fan commented on one of Amell’s Facebook posts mentioning he would love to play WWE 2K16 if Amell or his comic book TV character, The Green Arrow, was a playable character. Amell replied to the post in interesting fashion.

Stephen Amell could be in WWE 2K16Amell historically keeps his word when he makes comments like this. It doesn’t mean that 2K or WWE will agree, but it wouldn’t come as any surprise if Amell actually were in talks with both companies to get something like this to happen.

He’s done video games before, and considering how seriously he’s taking this feud with Stardust, Amell definitely is fitting into the WWE Universe nicely. This seems like something that all sides should reasonably be interested in.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@screenrant