Rubby De La Rosa Freaks Out, Sails Pitch Over Catcher For Weird Balk (Video)


Rubby De La Rosa is enjoying a pretty decent season with the Arizona Diamondbacks, and he continued that success Tuesday night with another solid outing.

Well, if you ignore that time he randomly stepped off the mound and chucked the ball over his catcher’s head, anyway.

De La Rosa toed the rubber in the first inning of Arizona’s contest against the Colorado Rockies and was about to deliver a pitch to Rockies batter Ben Paulsen. Then he did something really, inexplicably weird.

[mlbvideo id=”438129383″ width=”640″ height=”358″ /]

De La Rosa was called for a balk on the play, because you definitely can’t do that.

To further add to the mystery, the former Red Sox pitcher was asked after the game what the heck he was thinking and couldn’t offer a valid reason.

“I don’t know what I was thinking, but I know it wasn’t a good idea,” he told “(Diamondbacks catcher Welington) Castillo asked me if I saw somebody trying to steal home. I said, ‘I guess?’ I don’t know what happened.”

It’d be tough for someone to steal home, considering the Rockies’ only baserunner was on first at the time.

De La Rosa went on to pitch six innings and pick up his career-high 12th win of the season. But that still doesn’t make his balk any less bizarre.

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