Concessions at a baseball game are a time-honored tradition and one of the best parts about going out the ballpark. Stadium eating is so revered that it’s even part of the timeless “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

But there’s a reason we’re buying peanuts and Cracker Jack — and not nachos like one poor, poor fan did Wednesday night in Pittsburgh.

One fan at Wednesday night’s Pirates-San Diego Padres game ensured himself a lifetime on any and all blooper reals after he covered himself in nachos while attempting to grab a foul ball. The fan — wearing the whitest shirt in the ballpark — not only dirtied the laundry but got the nachos all over his face in the incredibly embarrassing ordeal.

He’s going to be cleaning nacho out of orifices for quite some time.

Not only did the fan get a new shirt courtesy of the Pirates, he also got a new plate of nachos, it appears. The Pirates also gave him a chance to explain himself.

But as the 1994 remake of “Angels in the Outfield” will remind us, it could always be worse.