Toyota Reveals Concept Vehicle With Remarkable Artificial Intelligence


Depending on where you live, driving can be a pretty unfriendly experience. But Toyota’s new concept aims to change that by making the vehicle — not the driver — more friendly.

Toyota revealed the Concept-i on Wednesday at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Japanese manufacturer said the vehicle carries an artificial intelligence, called “Yui,” that builds relationships with its driver and surroundings.

The vehicle aims to form a very human connection between “Yui” and the driver. So much so, it can even wink at you, according to IGN.

The futuristic vehicle has some pretty amazing capabilities.

The Concept-i, for example, can choose whether it will drive autonomously or under human control. It processes visual stimuli and driver responses to determine which driving method is appropriate at a given time.

The “Yui” AI is integrated into virtually every facet of the vehicle, avoiding a central screen in order to precisely communicate where attention is needed. Aside from greeting passengers as they approach the vehicle, “Yui” can warn trailing drivers about various hazards, and when the vehicle is turning.

Let’s hope Toyota is planning to add this type of technology to its production cars in the near future.

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Thumbnail photo via Toyota

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