You Can Buy Yacht Rodney Dangerfield Piloted In ‘Caddyshack’ For $129K


If your interests include golf movies and boating, then we have some great news for you.

“Big Dog,” the famous (or should we say infamous) yacht that comedian Rodney Dangerfield piloted in “Caddyshack,” is on the market and can be yours for $129,000 — plus the cost of travel to Pasadena, Md., where it’s docked. You might remember the 60-foot Striker yacht from the scene where Dangerfield’s character, Al Czervik, drops his anchor through another boat’s hull before yelling, “Hey, you scratched my anchor!”

The anchor, however, is not scratched, according to owner Leonard Diguilian, who purchased the boat over a decade ago with his late brother, John, per the Capital Gazette. Its condition was disputed after Striker CEO Edward Ennis called it “a total piece of junk,” but Diguilian said he’s never spoken to Ennis, adding that he had a company inspect the bottom of the boat and runs the engine regularly.

“The boat is sound outside of cosmetics,” Digiulian told the Capital Gazette. “Yeah, it needs a coat of paint and it needs some interior work. I could take it to Florida tomorrow if I wanted.”

For what it’s worth, Richard Phillips, son of Striker Yacht Corp. founder Herbert Phillips, says the yacht definitely is the real “Big Dog.” Phillips not only drove the boat himself as Dangerfield’s double, but it’s one of just eight ever made, so he was able to identify it by its hull No. 2.

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