HOUSTON — It seems the biggest Super Bowl LI storyline so far hasn’t been Donald Trump or Chris Hogan playing lacrosse, it’s been dads.

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick spoke both about his father and about being a dad Wednesday during his daily news conference when asked what advice he gives to his children. His oldest child, Amanda, is the head women’s lacrosse coach at Holy Cross. His oldest son, Steve, is Patriots safeties coach, while his youngest, Brian, is a scouting assistant.

“Well, I got some advice from my dad and I passed that along to my kids,” Belichick said. “My dad’s advice was to not get into coaching. What I have always said to my kids or really any young people that have asked me that question is you have to follow your heart, do what your passion is. Don’t just take a job because it pays a little more money, just do what you want to do. Live out your dreams and try to achieve them. They are in what they do because that is what they want to do, it is not my decision. I don’t try to guide them into it, I don’t try to guide them out of it. I try to help them the best I can like any father would try to do for his children.

“Ultimately, when they become adults and they are ready to make their own decisions then they have a green light to make them. If they ask for my advice I will certainly give them the fatherly advice, the best that I can. But in the end, they are the ones that have to live that. That is the same thing when kids are choosing a college or making a decision like that. They are the ones that have to wake up every day, go to school, play on the sports team and get the education at that school. They are the ones that have to be happy at the school, not the parents, not somebody else that is directing them. Again, you try to help them with the decision but ultimately it is their choice and they are the ones that have to live with it. I try to be supportive and not try to steer it one way or the other.”

Belichick’s father, also named Steve, was a longtime Navy coach and scout. Belichick spoke at length about how he learned the game from his father earlier this week as the Patriots prepare to play the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI.

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