NFL Scouting Combine 2017: Running Back, Offensive Line Drill Results


5:05 p.m.: It appears we might not get those numbers tonight, so this will wrap up today’s live blog. We’ll be back tomorrow morning for Day 2 of drills.

4:25 p.m.: We’re still waiting on running back 3-cone and short shuttle drills. It could be a while if history repeats itself.

3:35 p.m.: And now offensive line 3-cone times are out. Here are the top five.

Bolles: 7.29 seconds
Dawkins: 7.30 seconds
Feeney: 7.52 seconds
McDermott: 7.52 seconds
Lamp: 7.55 seconds
Levin: 7.55 seconds

Oh, and the short shuttles.

Roullier: 4.47 seconds
Bolles: 4.55 seconds
Siragusa: 4.56 seconds
Moton: 4.58 seconds
McDermott: 4.58 seconds

3:27 p.m.: Running back vertical leaps have been posted, too. Here’s the top 10.

Kamara: 39.5 inches
McCaffrey: 37.5 inches
Jones: 37.5 inches
Carson: 37 inches
Hunt: 36.5 inches
McGuire: 36 inches
Stanley Williams: 36 inches
McNichols: 35.5 inches
Mack: 35.5 inches
Joe Williams: 35 inches
Ogunbowale: 35 inches

3:25 p.m.: Big news: Running back broad jump measurements have been posted. Here are the top 10.

Kamara: 10 feet, 11 inches
Carson: 10 feet, 10 inches
Jones: 10 feet, 7 inches
Joe Williams: 10 feet, 5 inches
Mack: 10 feet, 5 inches
Hill: 10 feet, 5 inches
Jamaal Williams: 10 feet, 3 inches
McNichols: 10 feet, 1 inch
McCaffrey: 10 feet, 1 inch
Stanley Williams: 10 feet, 1 inch
Logan: 10 feet, 1 inch

2:56 p.m.: Here are the top five official 40-yard dash performers among running backs.

Logan: 4.37
Joe Williams: 4.41
Cohen: 4.42
Henderson: 4.48
McCaffrey: 4.48
Pumphrey: 4.48

Cook ran a 4.49, and Fournette ran a 4.51.

2:13 p.m.: That’s it for 40-yard dash times. We’ll watch out for official times, 3-cones and short shuttles. We’re also waiting for vertical leap and broad jump numbers for running backs.

2:06 p.m.: Now let’s track their second times.

Carson: 4.6 flat
Clement: 4.76
Cohen: 4.42
Conner: 4.68
Cook: 4.5 flat
Fournette: 4.52
Gallman: 4.60
Henderson: 4.48
Hill: 4.61
Hunt: 4.62
Jones: 4.50
Kamara: 4.65
Logan: 4.44
Mack: 4.51
McCaffery: 4.59
McGuire: 4.62
McNichols: 4.49
Ogunbowale: 4.74
Perine: 4.70
Pumphrey: 4.5 flat
Redding: 4.76
Rogers: 4.96
Shell: 4.81/1.75
Stevenson: 4.79/1.68
Thomas: 4.65/1.64
Jamaal Williams: 4.63/1.62
Joe Williams: 4.54/1.65
Stanley Williams: 4.44/1.59

1:45 p.m.: The running back 40s are starting momentarily. We’ll track them as they run.

Chris Carson, Oklahoma State: 4.58-second 40-yard dash
Corey Clement, Wisconsin: 4.68
Tarik Cohen, North Carolina A&T: 4.42
James Conner, Pittsburgh: 4.66
Dalvin Cook, Florida State: 4.5 flat
Leonard Fournette, LSU: 4.51
Wayne Gallman, Clemson: 4.57
De’Angelo Henderson, Coastal Carolina: 4.48
Brian Hill, Wyoming: 4.54
Kareem Hunt, Toledo: 4.66
Aaron Jones, UTEP: 4.52
Alvin Kamara, Tennessee: 4.53
T.J. Logan: 4.37
Marlon Mack, South Florida: 4.50
Christian McCaffery, Stanford: 4.49
Elijah McGuire, Louisiana-Lafayette: 4.52
Jeremy McNichols, Boise State: 4.52
Dare Ogunbowale, Wisconsin: 4.65
Samaje Perine, Oklahoma: 4.66
Donnel Pumphrey, San Diego State: 4.49
Devine Redding, Indiana: 4.78/1.70
Sam Rogers, Virginia Tech: 4.93/1.72
Rushel Shell III, West Virginia: 4.75/1.71
Freddie Stevenson, Florida State: 4.72
Jahad Thomas, Temple: 4.63/1.60
Jamaal Williams, BYU: 4.60/1.60
Joe Williams, Utah: 4.42
Stanley Williams, Kentucky: 4.51

Fournette weighs 38 pounds heavier than McCaffrey and ran just .02 seconds slower.

I lied again, by the way. There’s only one group of running backs, thankfully.

1 p.m.: Some news…

12:57 p.m.: Here are the top five official 40 times from the second group of offensive linemen.

Lamp: 5 seconds flat
Isidora: 5.03 seconds
Robinson: 5.15 seconds
Pocic: 5.15 seconds
Harlow: 5.15 seconds
Garcia: 5.15 seconds

12:51 p.m.: The offensive line vertical leap numbers are out. Here are the players who jumped higher than Fournette.

Siragusa: 32 inches
Garcia: 31 inches
Harlow: 30.5 inches
Moton: 30.5 inches
Johnson: 30 inches
Bisnowaty: 29.5 inches
Isidora: 29 inches

12:39 p.m.: More running back jump numbers are out.

12:19 p.m.: Woof, LSU RB Leonard Fournette only recorded a 28.5-inch vertical jump. That’s not good. It’s the fifth-worst vertical leap for a running back at the combine since 1999.

12:13 p.m.: Oh, hey, we have broad jump results.

Here are the top five for offensive linemen:

Bolles: 9-foot-7
Johnson: 9-foot-6
Lamp: 9-foot-3
Holden: 9-foot-3
Siragusa: 9-foot-2

11:54 a.m.: And here come the second runs.

Fuller: 5.27
Garcia: 5.16/1.81
Gennesy: 5.35/1.87
Harlow: 5.16/1.79
Holden: 5.48/1.83
Isidora: 5.01/1.74
Johnson: 5.33
Lamp: 5.00/1.75
Lee: 5.45
Levin: 5.16
Mama: 5.86/1.97
McDermott: 5.15/1.81
Morgan: 5.39/1.88
Moton: 5.22/1.84
Pocic: 5.17/1.85
Robinson: 5.16/1.78
Roullier: 5.59/1.94
Senior: 5.56/1.92
Sharpe: 5.44/1.90
Siragusa: 5.36/1.83
Skipper: 5.42/1.87
Tevi: 5.30/1.83
Theaker: 5.42/1.86
Toth: 5.55/1.88
Ugokwe: 5.62/1.94
Wheeler: 5.56/1.94

And that’s a wrap on the offensive line 40-yard dashes.

We’ll give you the top official times once they’re released. Isidora and Lamp both impressed.

Isidora is 6-foot-3, 306 pounds and is rated as a fourth- or fifth-round guard.

Lamp is 6-foot-4, 309 pounds and currently is projected to be drafted in the first or second round at guard.

11:33 a.m.: It’s time for the second group of offensive linemen.

Kyle Fuller, Baylor: 5.25 40-yard dash/1.81 10-yard split
Antonio Garcia, Troy: 5.26/1.88
Avery Gennesy, Texas A&M: 5.42/1.92
Sean Harlow, Oregon State: 5.15/1.80
Will Holden, Vanderbilt: 5.45/1.84
Danny Isidora, Miami: 5.04/1.73
Dorian Johnson, Pittsburgh: 5.28/1.80
Forrest Lamp, Western Kentucky: 4.99/1.76
Cameron Lee, Illinois State: 5.40/1.89
Corey Levin, UT-Chattanooga: 5.22/?
Damien Mama, 5.84/1.95
Conor McDermott, UCLA: 5.19/1.85
Jordan Morgan, Kutztown: 5.36/1.86
Taylor Moton, Western Michigan: 5.18/1.86
Ethan Pocic, LSU: 5.12/1.82
Cam Robinson, Alabama: 5.15/1.78
Chase Roullier, Wyoming: 5.54/?
Justin Senior, Mississippi State: 5.64/1.99
David Sharpe, Florida: 5.46/1.95
Nico Siragusa, San Diego State: 5.42/1.85
Dan Skipper, Arkansas: 5.42/1.88
Sam Tevi, Utah: 5.28/1.80
Nate Theaker, Wayne State: 5.51/1.94
Jon Toth, Kentucky: 5.51/1.87
Jerry Ugokwe, William & Mary: 5.63/2.00
Chad Wheeler, USC: 5.43/1.89

OK, so I lied. There were two groups of offensive linemen. I still expect there to be two groups of running backs, but I’ve lied to you before, so I understand if you don’t trust me now.

The second group’s first run has concluded. We’ll track the  second runs next, and then we’ll move on to the running backs.

10:40 a.m.: The second group of offensive linemen should be running soon. There will be three groups of offensive linemen and probably two groups of running backs.

As exciting it is to see a bunch of 300-pounders run 40 yards, we’re much more excited to see the backs.

10:17 a.m.: The times we tracked are unofficial. Here are the top 10 official times.

Dunker is a fifth- or sixth-round guard prospect. He’s 6-foot-4, 318 pounds, so running a sub-5-second 40 is pretty damn impressive.

Braden running a 5.05 at 6-foot-6, 329 pounds is pretty crazy too. He’s a seventh-round prospect.

9:35 a.m.: Now let’s track their second attempts.

Collins’ 4.78 was pretty unbelievable in the first run. He’s 6-foot-4, 295 pounds.

Asiata: 5.44/1.90
Austell: 5.23
Banner: 5.60/1.94
Bisnowaty: 5.26/1.83
Bolles: 5.02/1.76
Braden: 5.03/1.78
Collins: 4.82/1.73
Cooper: 5.36/1.88
Davenport: 5.46/1.88
Dawkins: 5.15/1.83
Dunker: 5.00/1.80
Elflein: 5.33/1.88
Eluemunor: 5.22/1.86
Feeney: 5.25/1.82

Collins clearly was the most athletic of the bunch. He came into the combine as a projected undrafted free agent. Teams likely will take a second look after seeing how athletic he is. The 10-yard splits are even more important than the 40s for offensive linemen. Bolles helped himself with his 1.71-second 10-yard split. He’s 6-foot-5, 297 pounds and projects as a first- or second-round pick.

9:25 a.m.: Utah offensive lineman Isaac Asiata kicked things off with a 5.35-second 40-yard dash and 1.85-second 10-yard split.

Here’s the rest of the first group of offensive linemen:

Erik Austell, Charleston Southern: 5.21/1.80
Zach Banner, USC: 5.58/1.92
Adam Bisnowaty, Pitt: 5.23/1.86
Garrett Bolles, Utah: 4.96/1.71
Ben Braden, Michigan: 5.05/1.79
Aviante Collins, TCU: 4.78/1.69
Ethan Cooper, Indiana (PA): 5.38/1.87
Julie’n Davenport, Bucknell: 5.48/1.91
Dion Dawkins, Temple: 5.11/1.80
Jessamen Dunker, Tennessee State: 5.05/1.80
Pat Elflein, Ohio State: 5.32/1.88
Jermaine Eluemunor, Texas A&M: 5.17/1.84
Dan Feeney, Indiana: 5.28/1.82

9 a.m. ET: The real fun of the NFL Scouting Combine starts today.

Running backs and offensive linemen will run through drills all morning, and we’ll have a much better idea of which players will draw interest from the New England Patriots.

Stay here as we track 40-yard dash times throughout the morning and afternoon.

The top running back prospects are Florida State’s Dalvin Cook, LSU’s Leonard Fournette, Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey and Tennessee’s Alvin Kamara.

The top offensive line prospects are Wisconsin’s Ryan Ramczyk, Alabama’s Cam Robinson, Indiana’s Dan Feeney, Western Kentucky’s Forrest Lamp and LSU’s Ethan Pocic.

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