WWE Star Goldberg Eats More For Breakfast Than Some People Eat In A Week


Whatever you ate for breakfast this morning, it wasn’t nearly as much as what was on WWE star Bill Goldberg’s plate.

It’s no secret athletes who are trying to keep their weight up or who expend tons of energy in their sport eat a lot; just look at Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt or swimmer Michael Phelps’ massive diets. But Goldberg’s daily intake might put them to shame, as the 50-year-old recently detailed to GQ’s Mick Rouse the massive amounts of food it takes to keep himself in wrestling shape at his age.

“Well, the first breakfast I had today, I had six servings of oatmeal, 20 blueberries, and a couple tablespoons of honey on it,” Goldberg told Rouse. “Then I trained. Afterwards, I had 12 eggs with two yolks, six pieces of bacon, four pieces of gluten-free toast with avocado. Then a shake. After that, I had two gluten-free pizzas with loads and loads of hamburger meat for protein on top of it. Then another shake.

“My son and I are about to go to Muay Thai, but on the way, we’re going to have some pho. Some soup and noodles, some shrimp. Then I’ll do some training at Muay Thai, and on the way home, we’ll get some pho again for dinner because the wife hasn’t eaten it yet today. Then I’ll do the family thing, and then I’ll eat again. I don’t know what I’ll have this evening. Probably … I don’t know. I do this meal service called Regiment Meals, and they’ve helped me out tremendously because one of the biggest issues is food preparation.”

At least the rest of Goldberg’s diet tips — drinking as much water as possible, not eating after dark and not consuming soft drinks — sound easy enough. But excuse us while we lie down for a little bit after thinking about eating all that food.

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