Kyle Kennedy again has requested a copy of the suicide note he believes Aaron Hernandez left him.

Kennedy, an inmate at Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center, made this request Wednesday in a statement through his attorney, Larry Army Jr.

“I want to be clear that at no time have I seen a note addressed to me from my close friend Aaron Hernandez, but I have reason to believe it was in fact intended for me,” the statement read, via the Boston Herald. “It was the press that first reported that this letter was sent to me, and as a result, my attorney, Larry Army Jr., has repeatedly requested a copy for us to review.

“The story about who this letter was sent to has changed several times, but based upon the close relationship that I had with Aaron, it is highly likely that it was in fact intended for me. I again renew my request to have the letter released to my attorney so we can put this issue to rest.”

Army previously spoke on Kennedy’s behalf during a news conference last month. He said Kennedy and Hernandez were “great friends” and did not confirm or deny whether they had an intimate relationship, saying Kennedy would address that topic himself at a later date.

Hernandez reportedly left behind three notes when he hung himself in his prison cell last month. Only one — to his fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez — has been made public.

Jenkins-Hernandez said in an interview with “Dr. Phil” broadcast Tuesday that she does not know Kennedy. She also insisted Hernandez, a former New England Patriots tight end, did not leave a note for Kennedy before his death.

“I don’t know who this Kyle Kennedy is,” Jenkins-Hernandez said. “I’ve never heard of him, honestly. Aaron has never mentioned him. And Aaron liked to be in a single cell, from my knowledge. … There’s nothing for Kyle Kennedy. It’s nonexistent.”

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