Tom Brady is used to fielding criticism from people from all walks of life. But the New England Patriots quarterback really has never faced hatred from automotive enthusiasts — until now.

Aston Martin, one of the world’s most luxurious automotive brands, announced Friday that the new face of its brand is Brady, arguably the United States’ most luxurious athlete. The automaker’s long-term deal with him, though, really isn’t sitting well with Matt Posky, a blogger for The Truth About Cars.

In a piece published Friday, Posky unleashes a tidal wave of a hate directed at Brady and Aston, which he says ‘mistakenly’ cast the quarterback as its new brand ambassador.

“I also don’t particularly care for Tom Brady,” Posky wrote. “He’s that perfect blend of goofy and handsome that makes you feel simultaneously inadequate and superior. He might be good enough for GQ and supermodel Gisele Bundchen, but Aston Martin? Not on your life.

“Brady is a Cadillac CTS at best — yet Aston saw fit to place him right next to a $215,000 DB11 … like he (expletive) belongs there.”

Tom Brady, Aston Martin DB11

Although he says Aston doesn’t need a face and “should speak for itself as often as possible,” Posky’s most valid point comes when he compares Brady to the company’s even more well-known frontman.

“Besides, Aston Martin already has the coolest celebrity endorsement in the business with its James Bond connection,” Posky wrote. “Granted, Bond is entirely fictional, but take a moment to compare the two anyway.

“In one corner, we have a mysterious, impeccably dressed killing machine that spends every second playing by his own rules. In the other, we have Tom Brady — an extremely talented athlete whose biggest claim to fame is that he’s one of the few high-profile NFL players that hasn’t committed a violent crime.”

Posky also pokes fun at some of Brady’s more infamous endorsements, particularly UGGs and biometric pajamas.

Personally, we think Posky should harness his anger for a more useful purpose.

All photos via Aston Martin