Dining Playbook: Where the Locals Eat: Lincoln


July 10, 2017

We sent @VentureTravelist to Lincoln in Southie to taste test their brunch menu. Watch below to see her thoughts!

New restaurants are popping up all over Southie, but some of the local favorites are mixing things up to keep their loyal customers coming back again and again. One of those well-established spots is none other than Lincoln Tavern.

Known as a must-visit when meeting up with friends who you may have missed during the week, it?s no surprise their brunch menu is the one most talked about by food influencers and locals alike. The team at Lincoln answered the call of their devoted Sunday crowd, and is now offering brunch seven days a week.

Regan of @VentureTravelist had no problem diving into the brunch menu on a Wednesday afternoon. Lincoln?s offerings range from time-honored favorites, like spicy wings or freshly shucked oysters, to some more adventurous offerings. The staff gave plenty of tasty recommendations to make sure that she had the quintessential Lincoln brunch experience. Her table started with a crowd favorite – the baked goat cheese dip. Paired with fig jam and toasted sourdough bites, this dish is sure to wow even the most discerning foodies, and is a great way to cater to those who are looking for a savory and sweet combination of flavors.

Looking for another non-traditional brunch item?! Try the smoked salmon pizza! With fried eggs, capers, tons of smoked salmon, all served on an everything bagel crust – this unique combination definitely stands out from the crowd in the Southie brunch scene. Not feeling too adventurous? Their sliders, topped with a sunny-side quail egg, are a perfect compromise for those looking to get out of their comfort zone, but not too far.

Brunch is a great excuse to eat something sweet. It?s no surprise that Regan?s favorite dish came topped with some housemade whipped cream and powdered sugar.

Don?t see something on the menu that tickles your fancy? Every week, Lincoln features rotating brunch items, called the Brunch Test Kitchen, filled with new and creative dishes for those guests who may be sick of the same old same old. Brunch Test Kitchen favorites – like their Fruity Pebble Pancakes – have actually made their way to our regular menu, so don?t be afraid to chime in when you think a dish hits it out of the park!

For more info on Lincoln, visit them online and on social!


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Twitter: @LincolnSouthBos

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