Lane Kiffin, Internet Have Field Day With Reince Priebus Getting ‘Kiffined’


Florida Atlantic football head coach Lane Kiffin knows how you feel, Reince Priebus.

The political world received quite the Friday evening news dump when President Donald Trump announced via Twitter that he was replacing Priebus, his now former White House chief of staff, with Homeland Security secretary John Kelly.

And the way Priebus found out had college football fans feeling déjà vu.

Wait, isn’t that basically what USC did when it let Kiffin go after a 2013 loss to Arizona State?

You bet, and the internet wasted no time linking the two incidents.

Ah, yes, the ole’ “Kiffined.” It worked wonders for Pat Haden when he fired the former Trojans coach at LAX.

And, as the saying goes, Kiffins always remember.

Well done, Lane. Well done.

Thumbnail photo via Matt Kartozian/USA TODAY Sports Images

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