Colin Cowherd Believes Patriots’ Dynasty Is Based On Four Lucky Breaks


The New England Patriots have been NFL royalty for the past 16 seasons, and Colin Cowherd believes there won’t ever be another dynasty like the one that currently resides in New England.

But it’s not as much of a compliment as you might think.

The popular FS1 commentator discussed the Patriots’ dynasty Wednesday on “The Herd,” and he explained that a lot of New England’s success is due to four lucky breaks.

Yes, you read that right.

New England’s first break, according to Cowherd, was being able to get Bill Belichick.

“There are four things that will never, ever be aligned like this again,” Cowherd said. “They have the ultimate, brilliant chip-on-the-shoulder head coach. Bill Belichick, living in the shadow of Bill Parcells, has had a chip on his shoulder forever. And you know what the chip on the shoulder does for people? It is a lifetime of drive. So the next great head coach happens to be in New England with a massive chip on his shoulder. Doesn’t want to write books, doesn’t want to be on TV, doesn’t want to do press conferences, he’s all football.”

If Belichick is reason No. 1, then, of course, Tom Brady comes next.

“Number two, he just happens to draft and get lucky, by the way, he passed on him five times. Belichick gets Tom Brady, who wasn’t loved in the draft, who wasn’t loved at Michigan. The ultimate chip-on-the-shoulder quarterback. They align.”

And we can’t forget about how bad the AFC East has been, right Colin?

“Then they also have another unbelievable break,” Cowherd continued. “They play in the most dysfunctional division in football. The (New York) Jets, (Buffalo) Bills and (Miami) Dolphins have players, their front offices are a mess. There’s no other division with that kind of mess, allowing them to experiment in September, allowing them to use the Bills to steal players from the Bills, knowing six times a year they go into games with a better quarterback, a better front office, a better head coach, giving them byes in the playoffs and home-field advantage.”

Cowherd’s fourth reason has to do with the Patriots playing in cold weather, and how that helps them prepare for the playoffs.

Lucky or not, we probably won’t see another dynasty like it for quite some time.

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