“The Grand Tour” will look at one of the most talked about supercars of 2017 in its next episode, and it will do it in the country where the car was built.

Luckily for us, the car in question sports a Ford badge, so it was built here in the United States.

After catching people’s attention by including Richard Hammond’s fiery wreck in the first episode of Season 2, “The Grand Tour” will attempt to reel in viewers with an American road trip in episode two.

The trip will include one of Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May’s classic “car vs. something other than a car” races. Clarkson, in a 2017 Ford GT, will attempt to get from New York to Niagra Falls faster than Hammond and May, who will be flying.

After traveling 411 miles, whether he wins or not, Clarkson likely will be sick of driving the GT once he reaches the Canadian border. And that really puts into perspective how often Jay Leno must have driven his GT in order to put 1,000 miles on the clock within just one week.