Tom Brady isn’t universally loved by football fans across the country. That much is clear.

But one Denver Broncos fan apparently hates Brady so much that he needed to get a permanent reminder of his feelings toward the New England Patriots quarterback.

In a photo shared by Zach Bye of “Stokley & Zach” on 104.3 The Fan in Denver, this intense Brady hater shows off his new thigh tattoo that features an Eagles logo, coupled with the date Philadelphia beat New England in Super Bowl LII. Oh yeah, there are also letters that read “FYTB,” and it doesn’t take too much brain power to realize what that stands for.

You can see the crazy ink here.

This one is puzzling for all sorts of reasons. But above all else, wouldn’t a Super Bowl 50 tattoo be the most logical route for this fan considering the Broncos beat Brady and the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game en route to a championship?

Then again, it’s clear this TB12 detractor isn’t in the business of practical decision making.