If you’re looking to get fired up for a New England Patriots game, look no further than Tom Brady’s Instagram.

The Patriots quarterback tends to deliver motivational posts during the leadup to a game, and he did exactly that Thursday night, just a few days prior to New England’s Week 2 tilt with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Brady’s latest Instagram featured the Pats star watching a clip of himself exchanging words with Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey prior to last season’s AFC Championship Game. After reliving the moment, Brady broke down the time lapse from the pregame bantering to the opening whistle.

“I think you’re there and you’re just kind of feeling out everything,” Brady said. “Feeling out the scene, the situation, the stadium. Feeling out the other team, see where they’re at. And that’s the first time you get to look at your opponent in the eye, and I think that’s the point you realize ‘OK, this is the kind of game it’s gonna be.’ And once you take the field it’s like you’ve kind of entered the arena. That’s when you get your time to go out and show everyone what you got.”

Despite all of Ramsey’s trash talk targeted at the Patriots, the 23-year-old probably agrees with Brady’s sentiments. The third-year CB doesn’t shy away from jabbering, but he clearly takes great pride in putting it all on the line for his teammates once the game is underway.

All things considered, Sunday’s clash has all the makings of being a great one.