The Boston Bruins have a new jersey, but only in a video game.

EA Sports, Adidas and the NHL’s Original Six franchises have partnered to create radical new uniforms — known as the “Digital 6” — available only in “NHL 19.” The uniforms will first be available in the game’s Hockey Ultimate Team mode on Nov. 5 and additional game modes on Nov. 19, according to EA Sports.

See the results in the video below:

As you can see, this wasn’t just some run-of-the-mill effort from EA Sports.

“We got together and started thinking about the opportunity to go beyond the guardrails of what exists in the real NHL and start exploring what we could create that doesn’t exist in the real world,” EA Sports’ Evan Dexter, senior global campaign lead for “NHL 19,” told ESPN. “That was a super exciting thought, and by doing it in ‘NHL 19’ exclusively, it meant that we got to push the boundaries and try things that might be more bold than teams would be willing to try if it were a real-world, physical design.

“It was a chance to take six teams with a ton of heritage and tradition, which fans can, understandably, feel conservative around, and do something progressive and exciting with their brands.”

The NHL currently has no plans to incorporate the “Digital 6” uniforms into the real world.

Thumbnail photo via James Guillory/USA TODAY Sports Images