Patriots’ James White Gets Fooled By Fake Corey Dillon Twitter Account


If you’ve been fooled into believing that Twitter user @_28CD is the real Corey Dillon, don’t worry: You’re not alone.

Previously known as @Corey28Dillon, the impostor has been tricking NFL fans and players alike for a while. But things took a weird turn Saturday night when the real Dillon got whiff of his digital doppelganger.

?Boy, I?ll come see you,? the former New England Patriots running back said in a rather entertaining video. ?So when I figure it out, I?ma come see you. So I hope you shut it down, bro. For real.?

In response, the impostor changed his handle to @_28CD and subsequently got verified (with the blue check mark) by Twitter. After that, the unidentified individual took their trolling to new heights, and even fooled the likes of Martellus Bennett and James White.

(The account has since been suspended by Twitter.)

The tweet to White since has been deleted, but went like this:

?Making my old number with the Pats look good,? the fraud tweeted, to which White replied, ?I appreciate that and I got you!?

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and late Monday night, fake Corey Dillon lost his prized blue check mark.

We have no idea who this person was, but they’ll be missed.

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