If you thought Tom Brady’s performance in the AFC Championship Game would change Rob Parker, you’re dead wrong.

The FS1 talking head is one of the biggest Brady haters on the block, and — like so many “experts” — picked the New England Patriots to lose to the Kansas City Chiefs. So, how did Parker react to Brady leading his team to yet another Super Bowl?

Take it away, Robert:

For those unaware, Parker loves referring to Brady as the “luckiest of all time.” Brady, of course, did get some breaks Sunday night at Arrowhead Stadium, but that’s a stupid rabbit hole to go down.

To Parker’s credit, he seems prepared to eat crow this week.

At this point, it’s a waste of time to expect anything to change Parker’s mind. If Brady throws for a million yards in Super Bowl LIII and the Patriots destroy the Los Angeles Rams, Parker probably would just attribute it to the genius of Bill Belichick.

Thumbnail photo via Mark Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports Images