During the second quarter of the New England Patriots’ AFC Championship Game win over the Kansas City Chiefs, Julian Edelman on the sideline got right in his quarterback’s face and began screaming like a madman.

And while what he was saying easily could be construed as an insult, and in many contexts it was, instead he meant it as a motivating tactic.

To the many that have doubted Pats quarterback Tom Brady, one of the biggest knocks is that he’s 41-years-old. It’s abundantly clear the Patriots are listening to some of what the folks on the outside are saying and using it as fuel, and Edelman did just that after a huge play.

Up 7-0 in the second quarter, Brady connected with wide receiver Phillip Dorsett for a 29-yard touchdown pass that upped New England’s lead at the time to 14-0.

Showtime’s “Inside The NFL” captured Edelman’s reaction to the play once the offense got to the sideline, and it’s a pretty wild ride.

We’re thinking that probably wasn’t the last time Brady will have that shouted at him.