Patriots fans all season had to listen to narratives about how Tom Brady was falling off a cliff, the New England dynasty was coming to an end or that Father Time finally was catching up the 41-year-old quarterback.

As you know, all of those theories were proven wrong after the Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl championship with a 13-3 win over the Los Angeles Rams at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Kyle Van Noy finally got everything off his chest to Max Kellerman, and now a 17-year NFL retired quarterback is chiming in. Matt Hasselbeck, who started eight games for the Indianapolis Colts at the age of 40, appeared on WEEI’s “Dale & Keefe” on Thursday, saying Brady is Father Time’s biggest opponent.

“People keep saying, ‘Father Time is undefeated.’ No, it’s not,” Hasselbeck told hosts Dale Arnold and Rich Keefe, as transcribed by “Tom Brady, what he’s done at his age is continuously winning against Father Time.”

Brady has, time and time again, noted he wants to play into his mid-40s and Hasselbeck noted the signal-caller’s commitment to eating healthy and staying as fit as possible will help him achieve that and continue to serve up losses to Father Time.

“It doesn’t surprise me at all to see Tom Brady answer the questions the way he does,” Hasselbeck said. “‘Are you going to play next year?’ ‘Listen, stop asking that question. I’m going to play until I’m 45, 50.’ You get so tired of hearing it. In some ways because of the way he trains now and how he eats and all that stuff he can move better now than when he could when he was 35. I know that’s how I felt and I wasn’t anywhere near as committed to the things he’s committed to nutritionally and maybe even training-wise.

“Every year he goes out and does it, not that he’s just doing it but he’s playing at an MVP level or playing at a Super Bowl-winning caliber level. So Father Time is taking many L’s, in my opinion, year after year with the Patriots.”

Brady and Co. now will enjoy some much-deserved time off after rolling through the streets of Boston to celebrate their Super Bowl win before defending their title next fall.

Thumbnail photo via Stew Milne/USA TODAY Sports Images