There’s no denying the war of words between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor has turned personal.

Nurmagomedov blasted McGregor as a “rapist” Wednesday via Twitter in an astonishing escalation of their war of words. The UFC stars have been exchanging barbs on social media since last week, as McGregor seeks to goad Nurmagomedov into a rematch of their UFC 229 bout, but the tone of their exchange has grew nastier Tuesday night when McGregor insulted Nurmagomedov’s wife in tweets he posted, then deleted.

This crossed a line for Nurmagomedov, who responded by posting a photo of McGregor and Terri Murray, a 26-year-old woman who claims he fathered her infant child.

“Rapist, you are Rapist,” Nurmagomedov wrote. “You are a hypocrite who is not responsible for your actions. Justice will find you. We will see.@TheNotoriousMMA.”

Nurmagomedov’s attacks refers to reports Irish authorities are investing an accusation McGregor sexually assaulted a woman in December in Dublin. Sources familiar with the situation told The New York Times’ Tariq Panja that Irish police arrested McGregor in January and questioned him before releasing him, pending further investigation.

Although authorities haven’t charged McGregor with a crime, Nurmagomedov already has delivered his own verdict.

Thumbnail photo via Stephen R. Sylvanie/USA TODAY Sports Images