NBA Rumors: Celtics Near ‘Point Of Resignation’ That Kyrie Irving Will Leave

With less than one week to go until the NBA draft, the Boston Celtics have a rather large offseason to-do list.

The team’s front office is reportedly planning to meet with pending free agent Kyrie Irving to discuss the point guard’s future, but as of late, all signs are pointing to the 27-year-old heading to the Brooklyn Nets.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski added to those reports Monday in an appearance on “Sportscenter”, saying that the Celtics are very concerned that Irving will, in fact, leave town. 

“I think with the fact that they are really concerned, and almost to the point of resignation, that Kyrie Irving is going to leave them, it changes the dynamic,” Wojnarowski said. “Terry Rozier is a restricted free agent. They can match any offer sheet and keep him. But Boston’s got a lot of options.”

Al Horford’s current situation plays into Boston’s plans, which Wojnarowski noted, as the big man can opt out but still return. As of Sunday, Horford remained undecided on his player option for the 2019-20 season. If he were to opt out, the 33-year-old would reportedly look to stay in green.

The NBA insider also reported that the Celtics have been aggressive in shopping their three first-round picks. According to Wojnarowski, Boston does not want three rookies on its roster following Thursday’s draft.

“(Boston has) assets. I’m told they have been really aggressive out in the market place,” he added. “Again, three picks in Thursday’s NBA draft; I’m told they don’t want to have three rookies on the team. You could expect one way or another, at least one, maybe two of those picks end up somewhere else.”

You can watch the full clip of Wojnarowski here.