Mike Francesa Unwilling To Dub Tom Brady ‘The GOAT’ For Downright Stupid Reason


Tom Brady has built quite the resume over the last roughly two decades, and, as a result, deservedly has earned the distinction by many of greatest quarterback of all time.

But not Mike Francesa.

The WFAN host has always stopped short of calling Brady the best, oftentimes giving ludicrous reasoning, and he was back at it again Wednesday. After telling a caller about how he’s always seen greatness in Brady, Francesa proceeds to say it’s too soon to dub the 42-year-old quarterback in his 20th NFL season the GOAT.

“I haven’t automatically said he’s the greatest quarterback of all time because I don’t think he automatically is,” Francesa explained. “But I’ve always thought Tom Brady was special, from the very beginning I was a big believer in Tom Brady, always have been. Tom Brady is an all-time great, no one disputes that. My only point always has been I don’t automatically make him the best ever. I think that’s thrown around way too soon with people, that’s all. And my theory has been he’s not been the greatest quarterback in the Super Bowl I’ve ever seen, and he’s not been the best quarterback I’ve ever seen in the regular season, so why would I make him the best ever? Is he among the best ever? Without any question. And his longevity is incredible, and nobody will ever do again what he and (Bill) Belichick have done together, nobody will ever accomplish that again. No one will ever, ever have that run like they’ve had. Again, never will anybody do it. It’s never going to happen. That’s how special this run has been.”

You can make the case from a pure skill perspective, Brady is not the greatest of all time. In fact, that’s a very legitimate argument. But at this point in time, the results speak for themselves.

At least this wasn’t as bad as his Robert Kraft take though.

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