J.D. Martinez Caught Bull Shark While Fishing With Ex-Red Sox Slugger

J.D. Martinez apparently is one heck of a fisherman (as is another former Boston Red Sox favorite).

Martinez and former Sox slugger Mike Napoli reeled in one heck of a catch while out on Martinez’s boat in June. (And no, we’re not talking about baseball.)

The pair caught themselves a bull shark during one fishing excursion, and Martinez is pretty proud of the haul.

“He was strong,” Martinez said Sunday during a Zoom call, per MassLive’s Christopher Smith “He kicked my butt. It was actually funny. We’re sitting there and we were catching tunas. And then all of a sudden this bull shark comes out of nowhere and just slams one of our tuna. And we’re hooked up on this big, old bull shark and we’ve gotta fight him. It was kind of fun. It was a good time. We let him go safe and sound. So it was nothing wrong with it.”

Here’s the real question, though: Is this the biggest fish he’s ever caught?

“I don’t know. Maybe,” Martinez said. “I feel like sharks don’t count as a fish you catch because I always go by the game fish and kind of what you can really, really catch and keep and eat. I felt bad when I caught him. But yeah, he was pretty big.”

Fair enough.

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Thumbnail photo via Bob DeChiara/USA TODAY Sports Images

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