Chiefs Star Travis Kelce Weighs In On If He’s Better Than Rob Gronkowski

Gronk made the distinction clear between him and Kelce

There have been multiple great tight ends that played in the 21st century, but the two names that consistently are brought are Travis Kelce and Rob Gronkowski.

The latter made the distinction between him and the Kansas City Chiefs star on NESN’s “Ultimate Betting Show” by pointing out Kelce was a better receiver but he was a more complete player at the position.

Of course, names like Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez deserve mention, but Kelce and Gronkowski have shattered records and are multi-time Super Bowl champions.

Kelce broke Gronk’s record for most receiving touchdowns in the playoffs for a tight end in Super Bowl LVII, but the 33-year-old All-Pro wasn’t willing to crown himself the greatest.

“Nah, there’s a lot of great tight ends out there,” Kelce told TMZ Sports on Wednesday. “I can’t just go out there and say I’m the best. I know I’m taking advantage of the situation, though.”

A fair answer from the Chiefs star, and “the situation” he is referring to likely is having the top quarterback in the NFL in Patrick Mahomes and one of the best offensive minds in Andy Reid.

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Gronkowski also benefitted from having future Hall of Famer Tom Brady as his quarterback throughout his career, so the argument of their surroundings largely is a tie between the pair.

No matter what Kelce or Gronk say about the debate, the conversation will persist until another generational star at the position comes along.