Money in the Bank has become a marquee premium live event for WWE in recent years, and this year’s edition has high expectations.

The event will be held at The O2 Arena in London, which marks the first time in 20 years — since Insurrextion in 2003 — WWE has held a major event in England.

Seth Rollins vs. Finn Bálor is the top singles match on the card, but all eyes will be on the titular ladder matches and the Bloodline “Civil War” match.

We asked members of the NESN Digital staff for predictions for this year’s Money in the Bank. Let’s get to what we expect to be the highlights of the premium live event.

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Men’s Money in the Bank winner
Andy Bourne: LA Knight
It’s a basic answer, but I need an LA Knight push. His in-ring performances haven’t been the greatest, but his promo work and backstage segments are must-watch. Ultimately, I’d like to see an LA Knight-Rollins feud, but if he has the briefcase he could just pop up on the mic during any champions’ segment. The potential of more LA Knight on my TV week in and week out makes me a happy little wrestling fan.

Jason Ounpraseuth: Damian Priest
WWE is really high on Priest, which was on display when his match against Bad Bunny was a singles match rather than a tag match as many expected. While the company hasn’t remained faithful to the brand split in recent years, it’s safe to say the winner of the ladder match will cash in on the world heavyweight champion on “RAW” and not on Roman Reigns on “SmackDown.” The Judgment Day is popular enough to keep together, despite teases of in-fighting, and WWE could like the image of Rhea Ripley, Finn Bálor and Priest holding up their prizes high with Dominik Mysterio mean-mugging alongside them.

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Keagan Stiefel: LA Knight
This match feels like it’s going to come down to LA Knight and Logan Paul. Will they put the briefcase on the fan-favorite (Knight) or the man who will bring a ton of eyes to the product (Paul)? The best business decision might seem like Paul to outsiders, but it would alienate a large chunk of the audience that watches every week. I think they make the right choice and go with LA Knight. Yeah!

Mike Cole: LA Knight
This is going to be an interesting look into the backstage dynamic at WWE right now. There was earned momentum for LA Knight in recent weeks, and he is as over as he has been in his WWE run. He’s a legitimate fan favorite. But I do wonder whether Vince McMahon overrides that momentum and decides the late-added Paul is the play. In the end, though, I think they stay the course and give the briefcase to LA Knight to continue his move up the card.

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Ricky Doyle: Damian Priest
LA Knight is a popular pick among the WWE Universe. And Logan Paul would add some mainstream notoriety to the briefcase by way of his massive social-media presence. But a victory for Priest would thrust him closer to the main-event picture — a push there were rumors about after his admirable performance against Bad Bunny at Backlash in Puerto Rico — and it would make total sense from a storyline perspective.

WWE recently teased dissension within The Judgment Day faction, and it just so happens Finn Bálor is challenging Seth Rollins for the WWE world heavyweight title at MITB. Could Priest cash in on a victorious Bálor? How would Bálor feel if he lost and Priest subsequently cashed in on Rollins? No potential winner opens as many new doors as Priest. Plus, sign me up for an LA Knight vs. Logan Paul feud as a side fallout from the men’s match.

Women’s Money in the Bank winner
AB: Iyo Sky
Sadly, I think Sky in this match is the equivalent of Ricochet in the men’s match. They’re both included to add some big spots to the match, and that’s it. But the more I look at the lineup, the more I can make a case for Sky. I think we can count out Trish Stratus, Becky Lynch and Zoey Stark because they have their own feud going on. Zelina Vega is fully capable of doing some big spots in the match, which leaves us with Bayley and Sky. Let’s get this Damage CTRL split to happen. Give the briefcase to Sky, turn her face and give us a summer of Sky vs. Asuka.

JO: Iyo Sky
There’s only one women’s match booked prior to Friday’s “SmackDown” and it’s neither of the singles titles, so WWE won’t have the opportunity to have the winner of this match cash in on the same night. But Sky fulfills two roles: She can help end Damage CTRL, which WWE has botched by having the group consistently lose big matches. And she can play a key role in the Charlotte Flair-Asuka feud.

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It’s unclear what Flair’s current title record is, but if it’s going back to not including her NXT reigns, then she can beat Asuka in their future title match, and then after some post-match mist from Asuka, Sky comes in and cashes in. WWE will get a fresh new champion and give Flair more accolades.

KS: Iyo Sky or I scream
There are two main storylines entering this match, with Lynch and Stratus (alongside Stark) doing their thing, and Sky and Bayley involved in a will they, won’t they story surrounding Damage CTRL. Lynch and Stratus absolutely do not need the briefcase, so give it to Sky and push her to the moon.

MC: Bayley
The betting odds point to Sky being the favorite, presumably part of a breakup with Bayley along with a babyface turn. But what about giving the win to Bayley with her somehow doing something heel-y late in the match after Sky did all the work? It might require a quick cash-in attempt in the coming weeks, but Sky could get her revenge by costing Bayley the title, setting up a program that comes to a head later this summer.

RD: Zoey Stark
It’ll admittedly require some creativity to put the briefcase on Stark without her backstabbing Stratus, a face turn that feels premature as the rookie’s stock continues to rise while receiving the rub from a WWE legend. But she’s a newcomer who’s clearly viewed highly within creative, based on her involvement in a high-profile feud, and could be built up as a legitimate force with a win. Sky is an intriguing option, too, but the briefcase isn’t a necessary means to the end of her and Bayley inevitably clashing as the Damage CTRL faction implodes.

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WWE Money In The Bank

Bloodline “Civil War” match
AB: I can’t predict it

It’s an easy way out on my end to say, “I can’t predict it,” but you’re looking at a mark that watched the Jey Uso, “I’m out,” moment about 20 times. I’m along for the ride at this point. I don’t need Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens or any other non-Bloodline wrestler involved. If they introduce a new member — like at Clash at the Castle last year — I’m fine with that. Whatever they do, I just hope it’s something I can’t see coming.

JO: The Usos lose but gain a moral victory
Reigns’ big universal title matches have resulted in his opponent gaining some type of moral victory. Drew McIntyre lost at Clash at the Castle in Cardiff, Wales but sang with Tyson Fury to close the show. Zayn lost in Montreal but wrestled the biggest match of his life in front of his wife and kid. Cody Rhodes lost at WrestleMania 39 but got to main event the show for the first time in his career at SoFi Stadium in front of his wife and kid.

I could see something similar playing out. Reigns and Solo Sikoa will win, but perhaps the former lays in his punishment on The Usos too hard. Their little brother steps in and decides he’s had enough. The sons of Rikishi could reunite, or this could set up a triple threat at SummerSlam between Jey Uso, Reigns and Sikoa. But the result will leave Reigns alone with Paul Heyman.

KS: Jey Uso vs. Roman Reigns
I don’t know exactly what will happen in the finish of this match, but I expect Jey Uso to come out of it as the next challenger to Reigns’ title. It’s a three-year-long story that could be reaching a climax, starting at MITB.

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MC: The Usos win
I honestly have no clue what happens here, and apparently, WWE remains split, with one report saying there are two drastic directions this match could go. According to the same report, The Usos and Solo Sikoa had a run-through at a closed location to go over how the match will play out. What if that closed location was … their father’s house? Ultimately, the Bloodline falls completely apart with Reigns taking a pin after Rikishi makes an appearance, convincing Solo to turn on Reigns. Where does it go after that? I have no idea, but at least Saturday would be fun.

RD: Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa win — BUT tension builds between the two
Reigns has a habit of taking things too far. Like, at Royal Rumble, when the Bloodline pummeled Owens, leading to a seismic chair shot from Zayn and seeds of skepticism being planted in Jey Uso. And that could happen again here if Reigns and Solo emerge victorious, only for the former to insist on sending a message to The Usos — you know, Solo’s real-life brothers — that the latter doesn’t approve. This is where the build for Reigns vs. Solo at SummerSlam begins in earnest.